I personally think the camera is the best invention ever. Time is frozen and given a new life on paper. I can look at fragments of my life and the lives of those before me, over and over, for years to come. This gives me so much comfort. I treasure these paper memories just as much as the moments that they were created from.

We love to share our photographs on social media but some deserve to become something more, something special and permanent. This is why, as a photographer, I believe it is my duty to present you with more than just JPEG’s.

I work with a wonderful printing company who use beautiful paper that stands the test of time and has fantastic eco credentials. They hand make your prints and albums with care and precision and their presentation quality continues into the keepsake packaging.

My family archive runs deep and I am so grateful to my parents and relatives past for documenting pieces of their lives, preserving my family history.

Your prints and albums will be in your home, ready to pick up and page through whenever you wish. They are there for you to share your moments with family and friends and re-live the day as a complete story. They will even be there to share with your future generations in years to come.

Times will have changed and technology will have moved on but your paper memories will remain.