I’m Abigail, a Photographer with a creative style, based in beautiful North Wales

A self-drive tour of Pacific Northwest Canada was one of the best experiences of my life so far. I have a long standing fascination and respect for the natural world and its beauty and photographing landscapes is perfect downtime for me. I love to incorporate it into my work wherever possible.


Love, utterly unique to the both of you and to be celebrated in totally your own style and way.

I am no longer working as a Wedding Photographer and my site is now purely for personal use, thank you so much for visiting though.

My approach will adapt to your day because each wedding is different from the last but my core value will always remain; I am privileged to have such a personal role on your wedding day and I respect that. I will always work with minimum interference, observing simply as it unfolds creating photographs that are filled with genuine emotions and true to the two of you. I never want you to feel anything except comfortable around me and my camera.

For me, being a creative photographer means having an eye for composition, photographing your day from interesting perspectives and appreciating quiet moments and small details as well as the limelight stealers. I do all this with the aim to present your photographs as a beautiful, complete story of the whole day.

My camera is sweet and discreet with a near silent shutter and I only use flash when absolutely necessary in very low light….the aim is for you not to notice I’m there.

I usually attract couples with a creative flare themselves, their personalities echoed in their chosen surroundings, attire and decorations. They are also very keen to steal a little bit of time for newlywed portraits, perhaps even followed by portraits with family. Why not hey, I mean, when are you all next going to be gathered together looking this good right?!

Your collection will be a combination of colour photographs and black and white photographs, all edited in my unique style, demonstrated throughout this website. Head on over to my blog for a little more.

Think we’re a good fit? Well then, that’s enough about me, lets talk about you…contact me.