I LOVE bespoke portrait shoots, I tailor them to you, tell me your quirks and ideas and we plan together to create a collection of photographs that reflects you.

Chris + Janie are having their Wedding this October and they plan to channel ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ in a fun + stylish way, throughout their day, so we decided to go all ‘Noir Romantique’  and a little ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ for Chris + Janie’s Engagement shoot.

This style hadn’t just come from nowhere, Janie tends to rock a variety of mermaid hair colourings and isn’t shy with the dramatic makeup, her tattoos are beautifully strange, she collects creepy things and yes oh yes, she loves a little black.  Chris admits it’s Janie who’s mainly inspired the vibe for their day but with his flowing curly locks (which is in better condition than mine!) and his down right awesome wedding proposal of ‘that’ ring in a miniature coffin box, i’m thinking he’s into it a little more than he lets on…there’s a dark side in ‘Star Wars’ too you know Chris.

This is definitely the most dramatic engagement shoot i’ve done so far and heck of a lot of fun.  It really does pay off to just go for it and let your ideas flow.

Kate over at ‘Blooming Beautiful’ in Gresford put together the perfect bouquet of Baccara Roses for me.

Ok Ok, here’s their gallery! …

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